Maya LT FBX export problem

I’m new to Maya LT (2016) and I tried to reduce a high-poly model of a simple wall to a low-poly version.
Reduce function works.
Then I go to “send to unreal” and on export I get this error:
“The plug-in has detected mesh nodes with unsupported operators that affect the vertex and/or face count. To correct this, delete the Non-deformer history before exporting. The following nodes will not be processed: wall_13297FBXASC044Shape”

Google couldn’t really help me. What do I have to do?

Edit/Delete by Type/Delete Non-Deformer History. :slight_smile:

Ouch - that was easy. Thank you very much!!!

lol it’s OK Maya is a constant exploration for me as well, lots of those moments. :slight_smile:

I deleted the non-deformer history and still get the same error…

Try deleting the entire history. Not just non-deformer.