Maya LT animation problem

Is it ok to ask Maya questions in this forum? It is a asset for a UE project.
I am animating a character. Im not sure what happened but i was trouble shooting what i think was a gimble lock so i was doing stuff in the graph editor manipulating curves,
suddenly i cant move the controllers above the characters waist. When i translate or rotate the values change in the channel box but the controler dosent move in the view port.
It gets weirder. I went back to previous saves and the same thing happens, the head, shoulder, arm and torso controllers wont budge. I reset the work space and my prefs but
it dosent help. Anyone know how to fix this or have any ideas? The rig is a quick rig ive modified by adding finger, eye and jaw bones to. It worked fine for a while, then this happend :frowning:
The controls i marked in the pic are the ones that cant be moved except for the eye target.

Sorry i just realized i posted this in the wrong forum, dont know how to move it.