Maya loses smoothing when exporting to UE

I’m sure this should be easy to answer but I’ve had a look around and haven’t found what I need.

I’m exporting a mesh from Maya. I’m selecting all the smoothing options I can find and trying out different combinations but the smoothing is being lost. I’ve tried different import options in UE as well, no love.



Any advice on what I can do here?

I had similar problems and found it was with Maya exporter.

What i did was exported as an FBX, reopened in Maya and then smoothed the FBX in maya, then imported as normal.

Sometimes in Maya, the normals are also locked so you will have to unlock those and select the vertices and then smooth.

Have you also tried playing with the import options in UE4?..we had a dew issues with importing normals and smooth groups etc.

Thanks! That worked. I ended up running it through C4D to get the smoothing back. No problemo!

On another note, Unreal Engine 4 really is insanely good at skin shading. Subsurface scattering is crazy beautiful with pretty much no effort: