Maya LiveLink Plugin build Maya plugin mll file help needed

Looking to play with the Maya LiveLink stuff announced at GDC. Looks like the Plugin is available in 4.16 and 4.17 under the experimental plugins, but i can’t seem to find the mll plugin for Maya to initiate the connection.

I opened up Visual Studio and attempted to build the MayaLiveLinkPlugin which attempts to write out the MayaLiveLinkPlugin.mll and .pdb files to the Engine\win64 directory but it fails to build. Throws a bunch of errors about not being able to override. I made sure to install the Maya 2016 devkit. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Log file here: Performing 138 actions (30 in parallel) Module.SlateNullRenderer.cpp Mod -

Was able to get the mll plugin to build with Maya 2016 SP6 and UE 4.16.3 on Windows 10x64 with VS2017.

  • Dropped it in Maya and enabled it
  • Loaded up UE4 and enabled the experimental live link plugin
  • Restarted UE4
  • UE4 → Windows → Live Link
  • Added a connection to the machine
  • Imported an animation and added an animation blueprint
  • Added a LiveLink Node and a Final Animation Node and connected them

Got most of it from watching the screen casts of the GDC presentation

For some reason the animation from maya is **not **live linking to the UE4 scene.

Any one have this working or ideas on what to try?

(Skip to 16 minute mark…apparently embeded time stamps are not working on this forum).

Hello Guys, thanks for the help. I’m wondering about something. Is it necessary to import the whole skeleton bones into UE4 in order to use live link? Or only the Mesh in FBX format and then apply live link method?. Thanks

I would think you have to import the entire skeleton as LiveLink works based off the root node of the skeleton

does it work in maya lt?