Maya LiveLink for Environment

Maya LiveLink, which was released with 4.19 apparently only works with characters (or skeletal meshes).

If I wanted to get/make a plugin, which allows to see changes inside Unreal Engine, when you change something in Maya (like the Naughty Dog guys did with LiveLink to PS4), where would I begin? The idea is to assemble the whole level in Maya and see it in Unreal at the same time. It would be extremely useful.

Has anybody done something like this? Any tips would be nice.

Afaik, stock MayaLiveLink (MLL) plugin only streams transform data of subjects and their custom parameters (which for some reason I couldn’t make to work). It supports joints systems(labeled Character in MLL) and all other stuff (labeled as Prop). Do you have link at what ND guys did with LiveLink? Because I’m not really sure what you mean by assembling level in Maya and see it in Unreal. If it’s automatic Import of environment assets, I don’t think it’s gonna work. But if you mean rapid prototyping and fine tuning asset transforms, that’s doable.

That’s exactly what they did. They basically use Maya as a primary engine and see real-time updates inside UE4. They mentioned it on GDC, that re importing assets constantly was a royal pain you know where, so they made updates visible real-time.

As for Maya Live Link - it works but just with skeletal meshes, which is a shame.

MLL works with non joint objects. They labeled as “Prop” in the plugin UI (instead of “Character” as for joint objects). But it cannot import FBX files into project, neither spawn them in the scene. You will need to change the code or use additional tools for that.
I would appreciate if you could provide link and timestamp to GDC video you talking about.