Maya live link install - how? docs are corrupt

its asking for unrealenginelauncher.exe - is the problem - this does not exist in 4.25 afaik

in order to actually get FBX to import/export properly, you can’t use maya 2020
so i’m using maya 2016LT

which is why its asking for unrealenginelauncher.exe

the FBX stuff is *not * working properly, that is why im trying live link - as i have no intention of doing animation in maya

(this message has a lot of formatting but “answerhub” “technology” eats it and turns it to stream of conscious)

there are 25 of us on this forum it seems like
and answerhub is actually a separate product/company wow

i thought it was some cheap HTML that epic threw together but i guess they dont use fiverr

the thing is - everything with epic is like this except the guys that made the C++/engine

MAYA LIVE INSTALLATION DOCS — literally made be someone that does not speak english as a first language
how in the world could you hire someone to do your media presentation that is not qualified with even knowing what the word is for “not having an accent” because you’re media trained.

im not media trained i know the word but i cant remember it nor find reference to it on the internet

“it might be lost”

point being — there is no legitimate documentation on the MAYA LIVE LINK install

this is #4 from the documentation page:

  1. Copy the folder for your version of Maya, then navigation to your Maya installation folder, and paste it in the plug-ins folder.

this makes NO sense whatsoever - whoever wrote this not only totally spazzed out
but decided to finish the page and submit it to whoever - management/production - “as is”

i mean they literally tried to slip one right past their co-workers

now as far as i know, autodesk is the one that did the 3DSMAX purchase? or converted it to MAYA
and autodesk made FBX format if im not mistaken, and now in maya 2020 you can’t do FBX exports any more
they’ve shut it down and removed all the configuration and options

this seems like a clear intent to me by autodesk to get rid of unreal engine

what are your 25 guys thoughts on this
ive been watching this “answerhub” thing and its literally just us few people
at least 5 of which have identified themselves to me as haters

literally should be playing taylor swift songs in an embed in my signature

maya is a little pest too, if you import a FBX or OBJ into it it fails
but if you drag it in from file explorer it works like “magic”

documentation literally does not tell you to drag it says the opposite, to import