Maya layout for Blender

Hi and Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

As the title says, I want a Maya layout for Blender.
Im looking into to switch to Blender so I dont need a $30/month subscription.
Yes it is very cheap and a great offer from Autodesk so I have no problem with paying such fee, but still its money.
The one thing that bothers me, is that MayaLT dosent have a render and no plugin suport.
Yes, they keep adding things, but the developement is so slow. (Sorry Autodesk)

Therefore Im about to swith to Blender so I get all I want. And Blender is highly customizable
with tons of useful addons and tutorials, as well as a nice and helpful forum. Autodesk has been
very helpful all the time, when I had trouble and even gave me feedback for all my “art”, when this
is really not their job as they only are a support-team, so big thanks for that (If any Autodesk staff is reading this)

Back to topic: So Im wondering if it is any layout that adds the tabs on the top and not at the left side as I really cant handle that
and slows down my workflow. I have found a Maya color theme, so Im fine with that. (Link to theme).

Hope anyone knows if this is possible.

Alright, so I dont think that the tab idea is going to happen, I have been using blender for 3 years, and I have not the tabs, They are only on the left side. But the color theme is True, that can happen.

You shouldnt try that, Maya and blender are different programs, yes, you “could” make the blender hud and shortcuts similar to maya, but that will only make you more lost, becouse then, all the tutorials will have a different interface and a different keymap. Even if you do make it similar, it will never be 100% the same. My recomendation its you go with the default interface and keymap, and while you learn it, modify the interface a bit to your personal liking.

There’s another panel on the right side (“N” key)

If you’re talking about panels that can be brought up with T/N keys (“tool shelf” and “properties”), those can be only moved to left/right (to move panel, point mouse at it and press F5).

If you’re talking scene hierarchy, then those are normal views. You can split any window into two and set one of those windows as “outliner”.

In general, I do not recommend working in blender as if it were maya. It is not maya. You rarely need to click any GUI element, and instead issue commands with keyboard hotkeys.

I know it sounds wierd, but I dont like to use hotkeys. So I really hope they can make the interface fully customizable like 3DCoat and SubstancePainter where you can drag and drop the tabs around as you wish, then I will considering getting back to Blender, as I tried it a couple of days. I fount a Maya colortheme and that made life much easier, but again I cant get used to the tab placement. Until then Im back in Maya.

Unfortunately, heavily relying on hotkeys is pretty much the most efficient way to work in blender.

All the major operations you rely on can be performed by keypress (Move - G (“Grab”), Rotate - R, Scale - S, Box selection - B, restrict movement to X/Y/Z axis - X/Y/Z keys, twice to toggle between local and global, Swithc to edit object mode - Tab, Switch between object modes - Ctrl Tab, Knife tool - k, etc, etc). Moving, posing, positioning, texturing, sculpturing - when you get used to it, you switch between modes and tools at very high speed.

While blender is no longer as hardcore as it was before 2.5, and people put some work into GUI, I’d still advise to learn the hotkeys. It is worth it. You’re free to try to use the gui, of course, but you’ll be working on 10% of the normal speed.

It is fully customizeable … the only exception those two side panels in the viewport which can’t be moved to the top/bottom. Everything else can be moved however you like. For example, if you want 12 3d views, you can do that. There’s multi-monitor support too.


I found out that I could use the spacebar exactly as in Maya to add stuff, so now I have no problem using Blender :slight_smile: Goodbye blocked walls + $30/month and hello freedom :slight_smile:

Also, if anyone have any tips for must have addons it would be at great help :slight_smile: I only have the pie-menu for now.