(MAYA) Is pose space deformer work in UE4?

Has anyone successfully got pose space deformation working in unreal?

HAH. Ok so first you get to answer this handy survey.

  1. What version of Maya are you using?
  2. What process are you using to export to Unreal?
  3. What version of Unreal are you using?
  4. What issues are you encountering when you export/import?

Neato burrito. Once you get those answered, I can /probably/ pinpoint this a bit better because from Maya 2014 the answer was no, but as we all progressed to 2015 the answer started moving towards yes and now it’s totally yes.

Sorry,I haven’t test it myself. I haven’t try unreal either. I read the doc about how to import morph target and wonder if the pose reader node will import to UE4 too? Or UE4 just import vertex offset data of the morph?
I am grateful for your help man I just need this answer to help planning my rig in the future.

Ah ok well I guess then just be cognizent that you are grabbing the root of the skeleton when exporting, delete your history before exporting so basically all non-deformer history is “baked” to your skeleton and don’t use old versions of Maya with new versions of Unreal. Pose Deformer was really problematic before Maya 2015 though it worked with like SP3 and stuff in 2014. If you have the latest Maya and Unreal 4.7 you should be ok. That root thing is mega important though and will likely be the cause of all of your problems if you have them. OH and uncheck “constraints”.

Other than that it’s really tough to troubleshoot /before/ you have trouble, so good luck and I hope everything goes really well for you. Pose Deformer is really awesome and I’m a diehard Maya fan so I genuinely hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work. the pose reader is imported but the posedeformer plugin doesn’t have normal maya blend shape but store vertex offset in posedeformer node(i guess?) so UE4 doesn’t import any blendshapes.

Following up on this, in the three 3 years since this thread was active, do we have a resolution? Unreal now has pose drivers (, which is also a PSD system. Can an artist setup psd corrective shapes in Maya, export to Unreal, and get the equivalent pose drivers? I realize the interpolant in each package’s PSD system might be different, but I’d hope they wouldn’t be that far off.