Maya Import UE4 Skeleton Joint Display Issue


I’m not sure how to describe this issue so I’ve recorded a video to demonstrate:

I’m trying to import the UE4 Mannequin into Maya LT so I can attempt to make animations for the standard UE4 skeleton.

When I import UE4 Mannequin, at first everything looks correct, until I move the camera or do anything then all the bones become out of whack.
Even though they aren’t displaying correctly, if I click on where a joint should be and rotate it, it rotates as it should.

I’ve tried this on Maya LT 2016, 2014, and full version Maya 2016 on two different computers with same results.
The same .fbx file imports correctly into IKinema so I don’t think it’s an issue with the file or the way I exported it from UE.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

Thank you.

Thats your latest nvidia driver being funky. Roll back to 361.75 as thats apparently the latest working version.
Someone mentioned that 364.51 works again but I havent bothered trying or looking for confirmation.

Ah ha! Thank you very much.
I updated graphics driver (364.51) and that resolved the issue.