Maya help, rendering normal maps with different UV tiles

I’m running Maya 2016, and from my screenshot you can see how I have my UV’s laid out with different tiles. On my character I would like to have 4 materials; head, body, eyelashes, and nails. When I run “Transfer Maps” it renders out the top right UV coordinates. Is there a way to specify which UV tile to render? Or maybe there’s a better way to set this up?

I come from Max, and usually I would add 4 “UVW Map Modifiers”, and move the UV’s around for each so they’re on the same “tile”.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

You should be using the 0-1 space only.

You want multi-material I presume so you can have separate materials for the body/face/other? (what would be called multi-sub material in max if I remember rightly … been a long while since I used max). Create the 4 materials then highlight the faces you wish to say apply the face material only then right click the material and then apply to selection. For baking normals I would separate it out and bake for the individual materials.

If you are asking how to make 4 uv sets on a single model then you can open the UV editor and then with the model selected goto polygons (in the UV editor) menu and click create new UV set. When you are transferring normals you can choose which UV set to use. So if you combine these two you will be able to bake multi-materials, not as easily as Max but only a few steps extra.

What I’m trying to do is export a separate normal map texture for the head and body from one high res mesh. Is there a solution to have all the UVs on 0-1 space, but then “hide” the body UVs so I only show the head when I run Transfer Maps? I guess I can easily move the UVs to the side temporarily, but I thought there might be another solution.

Since you seem very knowlegeable, any idea on how to show my normals in the viewport? I posted another thread about that here.

Thanks for your help!

I’m running maya 2012, so not sure if it’s the same or not tbh.

I’ll throw up a video of how to set up uv groups for individual UV mapping then link you.

If it’s not too much trouble that would be great…

I managed to borrow a colleagues machine that has 2014 so should be closer … ill pm you the vid unless anyone is expressly interested it then ill publicly post it.

Hey , just to let you know, I dont think maya 2016 exports the proper FBX 2014 format that unreal supports, they call it like 2014/2015.

Your mesh might export fine but I was running into a lot of trouble when exporting a rigged mesh, worked fine after I switched to maya 2015.
Just throwin that out there.

Thanks! I’ll check it out when it’s available.

I think you might have misunderstood my post. I’m trying to understand how to render different normal maps on one mesh with UV’s that aren’t laid out on one 0-1 UV space.

It looks like exactly what I need. Did you record it at 360p, or is youtube still converting it and once it’s done it will be at a higher resolution? I can’t really see what buttons you’re pressing…

Never-mind, it finally finished uploading and I see it in HD now. Thanks again!

That worked out great, thanks again!

how bout u link us publically to see what exactly u were showing.