Maya files don't open

I installed the epic games plugin for Maya, and now whenever I try to open a Maya file, of any type, ASCII or BInary, I see the rig for like 1 second and then they disappear. No errors come up.
Do I need to repeat the delete the plugin and re try or is there something that I can do?

Hey OIiverAM,

Are you opening the files by double clicking them in windows explorer or opening Maya, then going to File>Open?

Hey OliverAM,

After some testing, I’ve determined that the ART Tool is causing a bug where you can’t open .mb files straight from windows explorer. You can, however still open them from File>Open.

I’ve entered a bug as RIG-238.

This is a known issue. There is a fix, but that fix breaks other things. Basically, in, it forces a new scene on file opened to refresh the epic games menu. Taking out that force refresh will allow the user the open files from explorer, but causes other issues with the menu. This is addressed and fixed in artv2 which no longer relies on

Thank you so much!
Really helpful!
I guess that bug also prevents .ma files from being opened from windows explorer.
Thanks again!

Yes, it’s both .mb and .ma