Maya .fbx export with groups within LODGroup

Hello! I am currently creating a maya outliner template for my modelers to use for the next project and it requires the use of LODs. Following the FBX Static mesh Pipeline I was able to export LODs using this setup in my outliner.


This works well for single meshes but my modelers prefer to work in groups so that they may have multiple meshes selected when exporting. When testing with groups inside of a LODGroup in Maya there are no issues with this setup.


When I export the LODgroup as an .fbx there is no issues in Maya. However when I try to import it into Unreal Engine it says that it “Failed to import”. Currently are groups within LODGroups a feature for the .fbx pipeline?

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Hello Ben Esler,

So I have a troubleshoot for you.

About 3/4 down this page is our documentation on LODs and the pipeline from Maya to UE4.

Let me know if this helps,

I went through the document another time and tested it again. When I do not use any groups within the LOD group there is no issue, but I still have the same issue when trying to use groups within the LOD group. The documentation does not have any reference to the use of groups within an LOD group. The primary reason why I am attempting this is because my modelers prefer to have their meshes separated within a group instead of having them combined.

Sure, I understand.

I can try and test this exact workflow on my end and see if I can get the same result.

Thank you. I have uploaded my current Maya file that I was just testing in. Inside the outliner there are two different LOD groups one with and one without groups.

Hey Ben,

I just got done testing the groups within LOD group workflow. I have confirmed that this does give me a fail to create asset message. However, the suggested workflow on our website does work. What is happening is your are placing groups and then assigning it to a system that is mean to group your mesh anyway and you are confusing the editor.

The way UE4 works is that it looks for a series of mesh’s within one group, and then it calculates at which level to draw that mesh. By adding more groups the engine doesn’t know what to do with them all. If you click on the lodGroup1 inside of Maya it selects all of the mesh’s anyway. Alternatively you can just drag select the geometry that you need. Also if you hold shift inside of your outliner and click on the objects you want.

If you are trying to import multiple mesh’s with different LOD’s, all you have to do is select the LOD groups from the outliner and it selects all of the mesh’s involved.

Although this may be the preferred method of your modelers, grouping does not work when importing LOD groups.

Thank you for testing this, it is very much appreciated!


Not a problem. That’s what we’re here for.