Maya fbx export to UE 4..

Hey everyone !

As i just spent the better part of the day trying to export a simple morph target from maya to UE 4, i´d like to point out something odd;

I followed this: but somehow the animation didn`t come through… hmpf.

It took me a while to realize that the screwup happened on the maya side, the .fbx export to be precise !

so searching around, i stumbled over this thread : FBX export animation issues - Simply Maya User Community

longstoryshort, the export gets compromised somehow, the workaround is to reset maya by (temporarily) renaming the maya folder…

from here go with the “FBX Morph Target Pipeline” ( link above)

hoping to save someones time,

cheers, D

ever used the fbx exporter of autodesk ?

what about it ?

…Directconnect is a maya plugin, So it did not occur to me that i would have to seek for a different kit, but i am still willing to learn ;))

A samll software maybe it can help U a little .