Maya Export Problems - "constraint export failed"

Hi there!

Sorry if this is a bit of a dumb question. I just tried exporting a skeletal mesh to use in Unreal Engine 4 from Maya and got three error messages, not quite sure what they mean.

Is this going to be a problem moving forward trying to bring the mesh into the engine? Going to move forward with the process anyway but just want to make sure I’m not missing something obvious or related to best practises.

Really sorry if this is a dumb question, hopefully I’ll be able to get up to speed pretty quickly and start answering some questions of my own.

Thanks again if you’re able to help out.

That has to do with how the rig is setup, certain tools in a 3D program aren’t compatible with other programs so for a format like FBX which tries to be compatible with all programs there are things that won’t convert over. I’m not sure what constraint specifically you’re using that it can’t work with, but it might not matter, if you just want your animations to go over then you can use the Bake Animation section in the FBX Exporter, that will apply the animation and ignore what constraints you used. UE4 will want to use an animation rig at a very basic level, simply having bones linked to other bones. Stuff like IK rigs won’t convert over, but you can still bake animations made with them.