Maya export problem

Hello! Recently started to study this miracle and came across a problem … When I export models from maya i see the error “object has overlapping uvs” and after creating 2 layer of uv I had such an artifact. How to fix it?(problem in the black spot that appears after calculating light)

Hi Harakkon,

With your second UV would need to make sure that this in particular has no overlapping UVs. It is OK for the first UV for textures to have overlapping and wrapping UVs so long as there is a second UV setup that will be utilized for lightmaps.

When you layout the second UV make sure there is padding of a few pixels between each. Take a look at World of Level Designs Lightmapping tutorials for a better understanding.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


Thanks for the information, but the problem seems to be different.
It looks like my model after calculating light and SE. As you can see it is flat and not overlapping.
But I noticed another thing. But I noticed another thing. When I import a model, I see this error error2.PNG
Maybe I’m doing something wrong in the editor? The problem arises is when I’m working with Maya.When I work with blender, all right.

you have bleeding because there is not enough padding between each UV island, also you should try to keep them straight instead of diagonal, I cant help with the model having no smoothing as I don’t use maya.

Smokey13 is right that you need padding with your UV layout. You have some smaller uv pieces there that can definitely cause the shadow bleed.

You will also want to consider making a second UV for the Lightmaps for the most control.

You can also adjust the lightmap resolution to be higher. The default is 32 but increasing to something like 128 or 256 may help you out. Having a good UV layout for lightmaps will allow you to use a smaller lightmap resolution and get the same effects.

As for the smoothing groups. I’m not a Maya user and there have been users that say Maya does not have smoothing groups. This tutorial will show you how to work around that and get smoothing on your object.

Let me know how this works out.