Maya export animation to unreal problem


I made an animation on Maya, it is 100 keyframes. Maya is parameterized to play the animation at 30fps so doing under 4s. When I import this animation on EU4, animation keyframes is 126 and more than 4s. I checked “use default sample rate” but I have the same problem. Finally when I try to export a part of the animation, for example, 50 first keyframes in unreal, animation is entire. What that I missed?

Hi Audera,

Please follow the FBX animation pipeline outlined on the following page precisely:

[FBX Animation Pipeline][1]

Please note: You want to start your animation on frame “0” And try setting your Animation Length to “Set Range:”

Thank you, it works! But I do not understand why Unreal imports all keyframes of an animation, whereas in Maya, I bake as for example 0-100 (my anim do 375 frames).