Maya curve data to unreal curve data

Hey guys, I’m trying to understand more about using curve data in ue4. When I watch some of epics vids with jay and anim bps , particularly turn in place, it appears theres curve data in ue4 on the animation sequence that is an engine side version of the animation data that was removed in maya…I’m trying to understand if
A. is this the correct understanding of what I’m seeing?
B. If so, how are they getting precise maya curve data into ue4? I wanna do it too.
Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

A) yes.
B) from Maya you should be ablenyo export custom curves to ue4 natively.
From blender you can use my plugin

As far as how you do it, if you visualize the root bone you can copy its Z curve into a custom curve.
after which, you can remove the rotation from the root bone so as to have the animation in place.
you can then just export with the curve, and use the curve in engine to change the root rotation.

Pretty simple, and it does replicate so you can actually use the same system for animations with variable speed for instance.

so i think where i’m getting lost is technically, how and what do i export out of maya? how am i copying the z curve into a custom curve from maya? I feel like theres something really obvious im missing.

Ok I finally figured this out for anyone in maya thats trying to connect the dots here. I needed to create a custom float attribute on my Root Joint and then copy the rot data from my zeroed out control onto my attribute curve. this curve comes in automagically when you import the fbx into ue4. Thanks for the help most!


Thank you very much for sharing this. It saved me a lot of time.