Maya Controls for move and rotate tools Shift + MMB

I was curious to see if anyone knew where to start about creating controls similar to Maya’s Shift Middle mouse button to grab axis for the move rotate and scale tools. I think these are a little more unknown tools within Maya that are extremely useful.

If you hold shift, and middle mouse drag anywhere in the view port inline with the any axis, it will grab that axis and you can move the object, vert or anything that allows for it. This is great since you don’t have to be very specific and grab a certain axis with the mouse. Now that you have it constrained to that axis movement, you can middle mouse click drag anywhere in the viewport and it will continue to grab and move only that axis. To grab another axis, shift + MMB drag on that axis to move grab it. Now to go back to center all axis, or perpendicular to your view, CTRL + left click on the center of the gimbal to reset. This also works with Rotate and Scale.

I’m guessing this isn’t possible without a custom plugin or modifying the source code, so just wondering if anyone would know where to start looking at the source to implement something like this.

This speeds up my workflow in Maya and totally makes it worth it for me spending money on it alone. So I’m willing to spend some time on taking a crack at this for Unreal, especially with the new Modeling tools.

I’ll look at the hotbox and marking menus later :wink:

Anyway, any ideas on this, I would love to know.


So I have not seen any possible solution to this until recently I found something in the documentation. Not sure if it’s new or not, but to move rotate or scale an object without grabbing the manipulator. You hold ctrl + left drag anywhere for X Axis, ctrl + right drag anywhere for Y Axis and ctrl + left and right draganywhere for Z Axis. This works great, except for one problem, I can not control the sensitivity of the movement. Working in small areas the objects fly off screen in only one or two mouse dpi movements. I lowerd my mouse dpi to only 400, and it was still too sensitive, maybe If I lowered windows mouse speed I could get it to a usable speed, but that’s excesive. I’m sure it’s great for level size movements. If anyone knows how to change the sensitiviy of this, I would love to know.

Check near the bottom Move Tool Controls (Perspective Viewports Only)