Maya Character Rigging Toolset - Character with less than 5 fingers and toes

Has anyone tried using it?

I wanted to specify a bipedal mesh with 4 fingers and 4 toes. When I built the rig for placement, it still gave me 5 fingers and 5 toes. After placing the ones I wanted and ignoring the rest I bound the skin, but suddenly I had bones off the mesh and fingers/toes that didn’t have any corresponding bones. It also screwed up my placement of the arms and feet. If anyone can help solve this, I’d really like to get my character running around in UDK using the third person blueprint template! A step-by-step tutorial on this subject would actually be most helpful.

you should wait before to use the ART toolset, Epic is debugging the tool.

We’ve definitely made characters w/ less than five fingers and toes with the rigging tools. Even some with no toes. During the initial skeleton setup, where you define how many bones you want in the spine, neck, etc, you set the fingers and toes to 4? That’s the point of the rig creation process where you need to define that kind of stuff. Should’ve looked like this:

What are you meaning with debugging? Isn’t the tool already between us?

Yes, I definitely made those settings, but instead of a 0 for thumbs, I put a 0 for ring fingers and middle toes. The bone still showed up for the rig placement process. I left those controls alone, or at least the ones I thought were defunct, and the auto rig did a great job removing them from the final skeleton. Too bad the auto skeleton was incorrect! I can try using this tool a few more times. If an image would help, here’s the character I want to rig (just a basic model now, for testing purposes):

Haha, well, I messed up the process a few times in the past two hours. Once I had the placement right, but a few options came up and I wasn’t sure what to answer. I guess it bound the skeleton to the basic model instead of my character because I couldn’t paint any weights. Now I accidentally hit the button to go back in the process and it screwed up all my placement and crashed Maya. However, on all occasions I would get extra fingers or toes I didn’t want.

OK, so I got to painting weights. I try to paint skin weights on the rig, and it only paints to white. It also doesn’t paint to any bones. The list of bones show up in the toolset panel, but I can’t pick a bone to paint on and the system shows this error every time I pick a bone to paint:

Error: RuntimeError: file C:/Program Files/Unreal Engine/4.0/Engine/Extras/Maya_AnimationRiggingTools/MayaTools/General/Scripts\ line 19457: Error occurred during execution of MEL script file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2014/scripts/others/artAttrSkinCallback.mel line 119: artAttrSkinPaintCtx: Object ‘moveSuperContext’ not found.

Also, smooth bind doesn’t give me any painted weights to begin with. Weird bugs. Also posted on answerhub.

the fix for ART is described here :

The script didn’t fix the problem. When I go to bind the skeleton to the mesh, I get an error saying “problems updating dependency graph setup.” Then I try to click on the bones to paint influences and not only is nothing bound, but I get errors preventing me from painting the bones properly. Other people were able to paint weights on their mesh and had problems exporting, but I can’t even get that far because my mesh just will not accept skin weights at all!

you probably misread my message, the bug come at the next step after the weight painting, especially because you are using the student version of Maya.
the fix do not resolve the problem you encounter, it was not intended to fix up the issue you are describing.


This thread relates to what I am curious about as a potential convert from Unity to UE4.

Will the Maya rigging toolset only work with bipedal humanoid characters? What is the best way to import complex creatures? A 6 legged monster with 2 heads perhaps.

Thank you for that fix, but I’d really like to be able to paint weights.

Apparently the toolset is going to be developed more in later releases. You can always just make a skeleton, paint weights, and animate freehand, but without setting up constraints and IKs, animation would be much more difficult.