Maya camera does not come properly in Unreal domain !!!!

Is there any solution in unreal for importing seamless camera animation or tracked camera from Maya. I have tried Maya FBX , but it unpredictable every time. camera comes with animated trajectory or some sign of movement but camera comes with wrong orientation.

In fact, I tried " Unreal camera Generator" to make things smooth, but failed to get a smooth one. I am using Unreal engine 4.25.4 and am using level sequencer.

No clue !!! I request any good soul please rescue. :slight_smile:

export camera from maya as FBX 2018
make sure it’s baked in world space, no constraints or anything around it
in sequcner create a camera, change FPS to same as maya
then press the wrench icon, import, then select the fbx
it will import the keys into the camera track