Maya ART UE4 MAnnequinn help

hello unrealers! i am trying to animate by keyframing the mannequin from ue4 with maya-ART . if its possible someone of you do know how to use? I try to do a 2 handed SWORD swing animation
I have doubts how to parent them correctly and what would be the best way to animate it… Using IK oin the left arm?

My idea was RIGHT HAND FK > sword > LEFT HAND IK, But when i move left hand it moves back to place(like i cannot animate it) because some frames i would need to recalibrate the wrist correctly by rotating it to make it look better.

I read and saw some videos how to parent props to the hands etc but i Still dont get how to do that creating locator then parenting and grouping , getting “Null ZERO Group” parent. i dont know what are the exact steps since the videos i saw, he doesnt explain it very detailed.

IF someone here would suggest me what would be the best solution for this left arm.

And is manequin good for keyframing animations? or should i use another biped rig?

Thanks in advance!