Maya ART, Joint mover tool not moving joint or attached hierarchy?

In the Maya A.R.T system, I am attempting to edit my created skeleton, but when I try moving a joint (such as the shoulder) nothing moves with it other than the gizmo. From the wiki and youtube video, the entire joint and hierarchy after that joint should be moving with it. Am I missing a step?

Can you post an image of what you mean?

Sure thing

Here’s what I see after grabbing the shoulder gizmo and moving it forward.
A single cylinder moves but nothing is attached.

okay! yeah, that would be the opposite of what should happen :slight_smile:
Is this on a default, brand new character? (as in, you went to the menu, create character, skeleton placement, and then this happens?)

Yes it is…tried reinstalling Maya and the plugin itself and neither seemed to fix the issue.

Can you grab the files from here and overwrite the ones you have locally? This may fix the issue.

Do I need to drop any files anywhere other than the file?

drop the three folders where your current ones are (likely /Engine/Extras/Maya_AnimationRiggingTools/MayaTools/General/)
That will ensure you are on latest scripts/icons/and the jointMover!

Seems to still be doing the same thing

alright, I’m going to need a file then to test this. Can you please email me a test file at ?

Sorry, sort of new at this…what kind of file? maya?

yes please! a mayaBinary(mb) file will do just fine!

Does there need to be any assets? or just an empty file will do?

If you could just save a file with the joint mover guy, that would be all I need

K, will do…thanks.

Just sent it, Thanks

Attn: To anyone encountering this issue.

This was a user error on my part. I didn’t realize, but in my Tools Settings bar, I had the Preserve Child Transform option selected so that no matter what I was moving, none of the objects would move.

This issue has been resolved.