Maya+ART, Edit Character is not possible

I’ve made my first rig on a character we’ve been given as part of the education.
I need to change some things in the rig - and I was happy to see there’s a Edit Character menu item… If it only would load correctly that is.

It’s impossible to load the character to edit it! I cannot resize the window, nor can I scroll or TAB to a ‘load’ button, and I’ve already tried double clicking. How do I solve this?
Maya 2016 edu version.

It is a bit tricky to fix this, inside the scripts folder you need to find the word “sizeable” and turn in to true. There are a lot so finding the Edit Character window can take some time, however this issue is very common maybe someone knows the exact script name and value inside it? If you can’t find it you can turn True to every sizeable word you find, which is not great but it fixes it!