Maya ART apparently not exporting root bone motion

I’m trying to animate some melee attacks that require root motion to move the player’s capsule collider. I’m having trouble exporting root motion animations from the Maya ART. I’m using the latest version of the Animation and Rigging Toolkit from the marketplace for 4.21.

After importing an animation with root bone motion in Maya, once imported in UE4, the root bone is stuck at 0,0,0 and I cannot get my animation to move it at all in UE4. No combination of settings changes in the “Root Motion” category of the animation window changes anything.

It’s as if Maya isn’t exporting the motion of the root bone at all. The export process in Maya is not showing any errors of any kind. The documentation on the ART is very sparse. Is there something I’m missing that is required to get root bone animations out of the ART? Is the ART functioning properly for root bone animation in general?

I figured it out. If an animation is exported as a “weapon” animation, by using the dropdown or by having a weapon name next to it, a new root is created and the motion from the previous root (controlled by the mover) is ignored. I think.

I found this out by digging through on line 945.