Maya Animations Not Importing into 4.21.1

When I try to import a Maya 2018 animation and model into UE4.21, the skeletal mesh, physics asset, and model all come in, but the animation asset is not. Is there something in particular I have to do in Maya in order for the animation asset to appear in unreal when I import it?

Not sure what your settings look like, but have you tried selecting all the geo and joints you need to bring into UE4, then exporting selection as an FBX. In the FBX dialog, there is a checkbox under animation that says “Bake Animation”. You’ll need that checked and you’ll probably want to specify a range.

UE4 looks at bone transform data to drive it’s animation engine. You can also use blendshapes/morph targets but they are a much bigger expense so I’d recommend using them sparingly. So if you have a character with lots of controllers that are animated… The controllers are not what you want to bake, the joints that they control are what you need.