Maya Animation Controls Are Not Driving Metahuman Face Rig

I have a number of students for whom the following issue has arisen when working with Metahumans on their home computers. After properly exporting a Metahuman project to Maya, the animation controls can be animated, but they have no effect on deforming the Metahuman’s face. This is generally a problem as soon as the file opens for the first time, but I have a student who was able to successfully work with her file before Maya crashed. After the crash, the animation controls ceased to work on both her existing file and previous incremental saves.

Does anyone know what causes this issue and any potential solution to it? I’ve not encountered it on my own computer.

Turns out, I figured it out in the end. I recorded a brief tutorial on the solution for anyone else who encounters this problem and finds this post.

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Same issue for me… seems the plugin got messed up so I followed this to re-install it, when I opened my file after re-installing the plug-in the rig worked again!