Maya animation Alembic Cache to Unreal.

Hi all, I am a new user to unreal so pardon me for amateur questions here.
I am trying to bring an animated VR project that I did in maya over to Unreal. So I would suppose starting with a VR template will be the right choice?

A few questions in my time with testing system:

  1. Am I able to bring an animated Character (with hair sim) through alembic cache over to Unreal? I’ve tried so but to no avail.
  2. I have tried to bring in the animation with FBX method, but it will not bring in the hair sim and clothing adjustments (lattice).
  3. is there a way for me to bring in my maya assets according to the placement in maya? After i import the assets, I have to drag it in to my unreal viewport and it just means I have to re-position them.

I think that you have to split your maya character in 3 different animations:
export cloth as alembic
export body as fbx with anim
but concerning the hair …exporting as alembic will be a huge file and I think you have to look at the Unreal Engine Livestream - Exploring Digital Humans - they explain how they handled the hair.

If the hair is not a mesh, then it’s not going to export over, and if each hair is a mesh then that will be too much data.

Right that makes sense. Regarding the FBX for the human, the rig that was created was a human IK rig that was meant to integrate well from motion capture data in MVN into maya. However, when i bring it in through unreal it gave me weird results. I’ve attached an image and as you can see, the knees at the leg areas were giving me weird results. Does this mean the rig has to be integrated for unreal? I have been watching tutorials online and the rigs they use all has similar hierachy (i.e the skeleton is all under one hip joint, whereas for mine, the joints of the hand and feet arent connected under the same hierachy with the hips)

Thank you for the assistance everyone.

There is some tutorials about importing rigged characters into UE.
Example :

Are you using the animation baking options when you export FBX? It can help when you have some rigging options that don’t convert over.