Maya and unrel engine 4 work flow?

hi all ,

i am an architect and i was working on an interior design project , i finished the project on revit but i wanted to visualize it on unreal 4.

my design has no textures or materials as of now it’s just a raw design , i heard u need to do uv maping an such so i exported as fbx and imported to maya

however , i am a bit confused as what is the correct work flow or steps that i need to undergo so when i import in unreal i get a responsive model that i can add material to any face i want with out the material being applied to the whole model as a whole.

p.s : i am using revit 2014 , maya 2014 and unreal 4.8 on windows , the model i am exporting is a static mesh of a small condo. with some furniture in it .

any help would be appreciated , thanks.

Take a look at this site (there you can choose 3ds or maya): https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Content/FBX/StaticMeshes/index.html :slight_smile:
UV mapping -> ?v=9EQmS9eouCY
collision ->
lightmap -> ://

thank you for your reply , i followed the links and i made a 2nd UV channel and imported a test mesh in

the mesh is imported without errors .

however , unreal treats the entire mesh as 1 object in maya the mesh is composed of 3 shapes , i was wondering if there was a way to control materials for each shape or each face ( tried geometry editor but didn’t work )

thanks :slight_smile:

-the geometry editor is just here for bsp brushes :slight_smile:
-when you want to keep it as one object, you will have to create different material slots/id’s in maya -> or just uv map your mesh so that you just need one slot for it (draw calls!!!)


this suold help it is so wourt it

Exactly as said, you need separate materials IDs so that they are treated separately.

So basically go into maya, create 3 materials and then apply the materials to the separate sections. Make sure none of the separate pieces share the same material.
Once you’ve done this you’ll have 3 available slots on the prop to drop materials on to in UE4. Good luck :slight_smile: