Maya add subdivision after rigging?

I have a lo-poly model already rigging and animated in maya, and I add subdivision modifier on model, but I found I can not import subdivision through FBX into Unreal Engine, is there a way that I can have a hi-poly in UE, because Maya already animated. I can not rig my model again with hi-res poly.

If you have a Smooth Mesh Preview enabled and you export it with Smooth Mesh unchecked(from FBX export menu) it will export it as collapsed high poly.


Hold up there seems to be a bug with this approach and it triangulates the maya mesh after export. Just untick triangulate from FBX export. You can also add Mesh->Smooth proxy->subdiv. Then select the subdivided mesh from the outliner and export that.

After apllying your subdivision to the rigged character, click this:

Thank you so much, I was struggling quite a bit… :slight_smile:

Hi, BrUnO XaVIeR can you please reupload the picture? :slight_smile: