Maya, 3ds max or Maya LT?

I was just wondering if there was a certain program that UE4 better supports or if it doesn’t really matter. The reason I ask is because for the tutorials on character creation they use Maya I think for all the rigging and animation functions in UE4. Can you do the same stuff in 3ds max? Also, what’s the difference between Maya and Maya LT? I know the LT version is cheaper, but what features are missing from it exactly? Anything that really would effect a game developer and creating character models and assets? Thanks in advance for any help.

According to Autodesk, Maya LT is aimed at indie/mobile developers and Maya is for AAA developers. You can compare features here. As far as Maya and 3ds Max go, ART might signify that Maya is the preferred solution for UE4. At least when it comes to creating characters and animations.

I see. Thanks for the response.

Maya LT don’t Support, IK, Set Driven Keys (for me, essential)

Maya for Animations, Better than Max for this work in my opinion.

Max for modelling is more powerfull.

And if you want try, the student versions are complete.

Blender no doubt

The ART tools were created in Maya only because the majority of animators at Epic prefer using Maya. It wasn’t because Maya is the preferred software for UE4 in general. I think the majority of the modelers at Epic use Max (and ZBrush). All that to say, UE4 is totally compatible with whichever package you are most comfortable/productive in (as long as it can export .FBX files).

ART is very similar to CAT system of MAX. ART for Maya, CAT for MAX.

I know that not many people use it, but MODO and it’s Indie Steam version are quite nice.