Maya 2017 A.R.T naming conflicts

Hi i have a problem i skinned my character even built control rigs then i wanted to go back and change some stuff.After that i started to get some errors.It says there is more than a object eye_l so decided to rename the eye objects.After that i can go back to skeleton placement but as i wanted to go back to skinning i gives me this error and i don’t know what to do please help.

“Traceback (most recent call last):
File “D:/Games/Paragon/UE_4.15/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/ARTv1/MayaTools/General/Scripts/art_v1\”, line 7267, in skinProxyGeo_UI_Cancel
self.lock_phase2(deleteProxy, False)
File “D:/Games/Paragon/UE_4.15/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/ARTv1/MayaTools/General/Scripts/art_v1\”, line 7686, in lock_phase2
File “D:/Games/Paragon/UE_4.15/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/ARTv1/MayaTools/General/Scripts/art_v1\”, line 11883, in loadCachedWeights
weightInfoList = cPickle.load(file)
Aborting Operation. Please correct naming conflict and try again.”