Maya 2015 Workflow for UE4?


I have a couple of questions about Maya workflow for UE4 that I want to ask.

I blocked out my entire level in UE4 to real world measurement so it is huge. Now I want to use Maya to model/uv assets then send them to UE4. However, I find it so hard to model to real world scale in Maya because the snap to grid tool in Maya is not as good as the one in UE4.

I was wondering should I model assets to real world measurements like the block-out I made in UE4? Is real world scale important in modeling stage? can I just model normally then scale it later?

If you click on the options box beside grid then you can change how far apart the lines are and how many there are.

I can’t remember what to set them to off the top of my head though.


1 cm in Maya equals 1 Unreal unit, so if you use centimeters you’re going to be just fine.

So for example, my grid subdivisions is 16. If I want to snap to grid 10 ten units, I will need to change both “Length and width” and “Grid lines every” to 160 units?