Maya 2015 fbx skeleton mesh to UE 4.4

I have a skinned character that keeps failing to import into the editor.

I’m exporting the bones and skinned mesh from Maya 2015 (tried both fbx 2014 and fbx 2013) as well as Maya 2014 to see if that made a difference. If I detach the skin, I can export/import the mesh as static mesh with no errors.

As a test, I created some primitive geometry and smooth binded it to a simple joint chain, did an FBX export and this imports into the editor just fine. For some reason I can’t crack the reason why my original mesh/bones aren’t importing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hey brycelynch -

Without actually seeing the FBX, I there are way too many variables to run down, but the usual import issue that blocks things is the two root bones. If you can though, we would be happy to look at the FBX and try to find the possible blocker for you. If you are uncomfortable with posting publicly feel free to PM me through the Unreal Forums.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hey Eric!

I PM’d you the fbx file that keeps throwing errors. Let me know what you think might be the issue! Thanks!!!

Hey brycelynch -

OK there are two problems that I can see. There is a duplicate bone named joint 9 which needs to be renamed as each bone needs a unique name. Also you have multiple roots and the skeleton needs to have one root only. After opening the FBX up outside the editor, I would suggest you look at your head as that piece is not parented to the body nor skinned at all.

Look into these problems and let me know and if you are still having problems feel free to comment below -

Eric Ketchum