May we have a "Wish-list" function added to the marketplace?


I many times see several products from the market place that I would buy in a heartbeat, but don’t have the money yet, (waiting for my check, etc.) so I want to put them in a wishlist like any other online retailer so I can buy them later…but there’s no wishlist yet So I have to hunt for that item again if I want to find it. (there’s no ctrl-B in the Epic Launcher that I’m aware of)

The point is: I would really like to find that product more easily once I finally DO have the funds available to me. I use the wish-list feature in all the online stores I shop at, and it would be particularly great for saving items for later in the launcher, and the website too.

I think I’m not the only one who would use this if it were added to the marketplace.

Thanks :slight_smile: