May we have a Physics Constraint Component Livestream?

Hello, I wanted to ask if there is a possibility of doing a livestream in the future dedicated to Physics Constraint Components? It would definitely be very informative to learn of some practices when using this component and how to best utilize them. It would also help with those that are developing for VR that don’t know that this component exists, because it saves a few headaches trying to do some very simple things that the component could handle. Although I would suggest splitting up the livestream with one half showing viewers the component and how its uses and best practices and the other half for VR as showing a small segment for both sides would not do it enough justice. And if anybody wants to learn a little bit more the documentation for it intuitive enough where people won’t get confused afterwards and can research into it more and understand it better(to the best of their ability of course). But having an expert explain some best practices and kind of revealing it to people would be a definite plus for many UE4 users. :slight_smile: