May Marketplace payments be made with Multibanco?

Greetings folks!
I plan to buy some marketplace stuff, to do so need a payment method, and I have “MultiBanco”! Is this form of payment accepted?
Thanks in advance for your feedback!!!

MultiBanco may be available as a payment method, depending on your country.

Thank you for quick response! Is there a list of payment methods by county?
So I can check what method of payment is available for me?
Thanks again!

Hello. Can I make payments from the Multibanco trading platform? Of course, you can, but honestly, it’s not very convenient. I studied for a long time with them, and translations came out very slowly, I got tired of it all and began to use santrapay. I immediately liked everything. In the Santrapay system, commission fees for replenishment are 3-6%, for withdrawals - 1-3%. For me, it is the best international money transfer. The most dubious thing is simple and clear.