May I have your Honest, Unbiased opinion?

Our small team has invested many moons now developing in UE4. We sincerely LOVE all that is to be had. UE4 Rocks! No doubt.

However, We have met a multitude, A myriad of errors, and, Not quite commercially releasable material.

We have become acolytes of the CryEngine, Within the briefest of commitment of time.

Should we sacrifice months of work in UE4, To actually publish a product?

-Again, I would be happy to pay top dollar for ANYONE that can make sense of UE4. :wink:

This is a non-sense and not related topic for answer-hub. The topics like this (which tool is better or you can benefit more), mostly corresponds to your personal preference. If you ask such a question to any of professionals from any filed (programming, 3D modeling …), simply their answer is “somehow you need to know all of them”. There are many reasons that push me to prefer UE4 to Unity3D or CryEngine, but besides there are some another reasons that Unity3D has much better capabilities.

This is not the tool itself that defines, what goal you have to reach, this is the goal that decides, which tool is better to use.

It would help if you told us about the problems you’ve had.

You have to overcome every bug individually, using code-hacks, tricks etc, to make your project seems without bugs. Fight!

Hi DarkMountainGaming,

I am sorry to hear that you had multiple issues and errors with the engine. Have you posted these bugs to the answerhub or forums so that we can assist you in finding the causes and perhaps find a solution? I would be happy to have a look!

Calling me a troll when we have invested several months in trying to create a saleable product with UE4 only to encounter error after error, And the final packaging crashes over and over again is simply impolite.

We have mindblowingly gorgeous maps/levels created in UE4, and fear that we can never use them in a product that is not going to crash over and over again for our end user. You may understand computer science better than I, Though when it comes to business, and Karma, you seem lacking.

Also, suggesting that we have not made an honest attempt to learn UE4 ("there’s no game engine which contains an editor with just one button labeled “Make an awesome game”.) Is childish and insulting IMO.

Have a nice day.

No error message, no bug report, no serious question, … just and just
Speaking in vain !!!

+1 for this. When you post your bugs/errors/questions/… into the forum or answerhub we will help you to solve them :slight_smile:

Thank You ,

We have posted, Search the net for tutorials, Studied all that we could find. (More than once, Each.) Personally, I am a senior Master in Chess. I am trained by some of the world’s strongest Grand Masters. My performances have been written about, Done interviews, With magazines and newspapers around the world, THOUGH, I cannot seem to make sense of making a simple FPS in UE4 after several months.

Sidenote: I was Atari’s FIRST civilian tester of Pong. Leading many who know to call me; “The World’s FIRST Gamer.” I have many years of experience in web dev, One of my projects was featured in WIRED magazine, Beating out National Geographic, Warner Bros., Et al. I have consulted on projects for the State Of California, And the U.S. Marine Corps. -So I didn’t climb out from under a rock yesterday.

I am not a quitter by any means, Difficulty only makes me look even harder for the solution and with a 170 IQ, I usually find the solution, Or multiple solutions. Solving puzzles is my specialty. I would really like to figure out how to publish our first game in UE4.

I would be grateful if you would email me so that we might figure out a strategy for completing our first game, Without taking another six months to do it. We are more than happy to fund a world-class project and include “Powered By UnReal Technology”

Thank You, Again.

Thank You, For all of your feedback.

We have posted the error messages ad nauseum.

-You make the folks at UE4 look like a group of thugs, Which they are not.

Have a nice day, Mr. Bully.

Thank You, . Taking a couple of days to consider carefully the best course of action, And to come back fresh. Will organize the difficulties we are experiencing and post for support.


I have little experience with other engines. But I’m certainly not feeling confident anymore in producing a stable product with UE4. With bugs and workarounds. Yesterday for me was another complete wast of my time after the 4.4.3 update has introduced more problems. I would be very interested in you’re views on the CryEngine.

I’m having this issue time to time as well. Too often new problems are introduced after an engine update or a working solution breaks. Hopefully this will happen less often in the future. The engine still feels a little like it’s in experimental state.

I agree. No idea to insult people because they actually care about the product quality. I hope more companies would have done that.

I’m feeling the same about our own product quality. I think mostly it’s the lack of documentation of how to use the engine that’s the problem, but the engine also feels a bit experimental in its current state.

Code hacks doesn’t really seems like a too great recommendation for new development. Try to understand how the engine works instead and try to identify the actual the problem.

Hi everyone,

Please keep in mind that the engine is currently in an early adoption stage and as such it is still a bit on the experimental side. We encourage you to post any bugs you find so that we can find these errors and provide the best possible fix for the situation. Thank you!

Hello Webster,

To answer your question… First off, I do not want to take anything away from UE4. Though as we see, has indicated that the engine is still; “Experimental”. Well, It was not marketed that way, And we have wasted a tremendous amount of time and money in trying to make it work. That is our personal experience. Secondly, I hope that everyone that is using the UE4 engine stick with it. (For purely selfish reasons, Of course.)

We tested the CryEngine, And within one hour we knew that we were going to make the switch. Mind you, This means sacrificing a tremendous amount of work in UE4. Though it is better to stop going in a particular direction IMMEDIATELY when one realizes that they are going the wrong way.

For us, The CryEngine is the way to go. We find the documentation straightforward, And the system to be quite intuitive.

I am writing this to you in the hopes that it will alleviate the frustration you are experiencing, As it did for us.

Best Of Luck In Your Endeavors!

You really dont need to download those updates that come after each main update unless you really need to. They are basically minor bug fixes if you have run into those bugs and they prevented you from doing something.