May be I messed up my blueprints or Epic are tracking me and censor my CANNABIS Foliage!! :D

I made a Cannabis Foliage in my “game” . It looks awesome in the Engine. Its a ingridient in for crafting that can be used for making ropes and Clothing , NOT FOR SMOKING !
And it will be called HEMP not Cannabis! There is a big difference!
If you are Educated enough you will know that in the past that was the main thing to make ropes from. And Many more things for daily life. My grand grand father was a Boat builder and he was making Fishing nets from HEMP!
So When I build a prototype. The Foliage of my hemp REplaces with some of the other grass assets I am using ,just scaled 10 times. And When I pick it up there is no Icon in my inventory.
I checked everything to the ground. But I can’t Find the reason why this is happening. Is there a chance that Epic is censoring my content on build? Or I hope I am so dumb and I can’t find my mistake.

Has to be a mistake. There is no way epic would censor your game like that. They don’t have any real incentive that I can see for doing so especially when they stand to make money from the game if you finish it and it sells.

It sounds to me like the foliage you want to display is not making it through the build process. Basically the graphic you chose to use for foliage is getting lost during build and the result is a different graphic being applied as well as a missing icon once picked up since the graphic for the icon is not making it through either and is not being replaced by anything else like the other part was.

My suggestion is to start looking at WHY the graphics you want to use are not making it through the build process. If you can figure it out you can probably fix this problem and prevent it from happening again down the road.

Thank You So much!

I honestly thought that this was a joke thread.

Paranoia, must be a good one

It’s just NSA and FBI messing with you.
Just tell them where the OIL is already…

Wait… its not a joke?

The game mode blueprint layout must be a map!

If it is a joke I’m lost cuz seemed legit to me lol. To many details about how the problem effects the finished build for it to be a joke if you ask me. That or I am just oblivious.

Sory but it was no a joke! I am from Bulgaria. Laws here are cruical for that. I was arested before an year for some weed. So I am little paranoid about almost everything now.
Its a little different world in my country. I really believed , this is possible, because it was very weird how only this plant can’t go into the build so many times. And BTW it’s still doesn’t work .:smiley:
But I am happy how people thinks this is a joke . It reliefs me a little bit from the paranoya.:smiley: