Maxscript Datasmith

I’m trying to optimize my workflow by making a script in 3ds Max. So far I add the modifier on every object on the scene with this script.

But I’m missing documentation that I can change the modifier.
For example I want to change my Lightmap UVs from Auto Unwrap UV to Specify Lightmap channel
Is there a way where I can find this documentation?

That would be standard maxscripting that you would need to do. The modifier is for Datasmith but isn’t using concepts that are specific to Datasmith. It uses 3ds Max functionality that you will see on all other modifiers (param block, parameters etc)

If you turn on the macro recorder and change ui values in the modifier you should see what parameters are changed.

The properties of the modifier can be inspected with :

showproperties $.modifiers[1]
.param_int_LightmapChannel : integer
.UI_ddlLightmapUVMode_Val : integer
.UI_spnLightmapUVChannel_Val : integer
.UI_spnLightmapUVChannel_Enable : boolean
.param_node_CollisionMeshObject : node
.UI_chkbxSetCollisionMeshObject_Val : boolean
.UI_pkbtnSetCollisionMeshObject_Enable : boolean
.param_int_StaticMeshExportMode : integer
.UI_ddlSetStaticMeshExportMode_Val : integer

BTW, I don’t think you want to apply this modifier on all objects of your scene. This is generally used only when you want to override specific things.

Thanks for the reply.

That depends on the UV right?
So far I created my own UVs. So I don’t want datasmith to create his own UV when importing the models. That’s why I use this modifier, so I set the channel it’s allowed to use.

So I’m not sure if I understand you correctly.