About how many players can connect to a server on UE4 3.14 out of the box meaning without the mmo kit or any types of plugin. Im not aiming for 1000 players but maybe 200 - 250 players. Im using UE4 3.14 i dont have the mmo kit but just would like to know about how much players that i can expect to be able to connect without any problems…

Salutations Skeeta92,
This is not a question with a definitive answer. Out of the box I’ve seen many testing with 64 players on a single map, however Squad which is made with UE4 supports 100+ player maps.

The limit is not really set and it all depends both on your style of game, your code, and the hardware you run the server on.

It also depends on the graphical level. Many games will limit the number of players because often times the characters are customizable and if they have to load a bunch of different things at once then it drops performance.