Maximum visible size

For a project i’m planning to do i need to know what the maximum possible size is for assets in the engine. Some calculations indicated that i’d need to be able to place items which are at least 500km+ in size which also need to be visible (for the most part), along with other, smaller things (15-20km) at a distance of 100km+. I’m wondering how the engine copes with distances like that (it’s not exactly meant as a space sim i think). Are there some tricks i need to know of to make these scenes possible? I’m not sure the usual tricks for skybox objects are sufficient, though maybe i just don’t understand the new tech just yet.

Also, i may want to go bigger… At this point i’m wondering whether there’s a way to make the proper parallax effect happen without needing such huge objects or distances (that or i am just missing something).

You would have to come up with some sort of tickery to get it to work, as of right now max size of maps is 5km x 5km iirc

You could though assume an unit in engine would be a f.e. km. Its trickery anyways.

If you change how you treat the world scale (Right now 1 unit is 1 centimeter, you could use meters or kilometers instead) then you can have things any size you want.

However, physics will be incorrect at those scales, and other things may break as well. I haven’t changed things around personally so I don’t know what pitfalls there might be, sorry. Just do lots of testing if you go this route.

This did give me an idea - What if instead of sizing up the world, sizing down the player? I’m not entirely sure how this would work yet though, as it would involve the camera being closer and closer to the walking surface and having to adjust speed to match it. This could give the proper impression, but im thinking that the camera would start clipping if taken to extremes, mesh detail may also be lost…