Maximum of players per level - Idea

Hi EpicGames, I wanted to give an idea for a future update of UnrealEngine 4, it is the following: it would be good a system to put a maximum of people in a level, and when the level was full, of that error! this would help me a lot and to other people, I am wanting to make a system of matches, which gives when the level is full, it is executed the command to take the player to another level(another match)!

This a game feature. Not engine’s one.
You set rules of your game.

If I follow you correctly, you want Unreal Engine to limit how many players should be able to join a level unless the level has a maximum number of players and is then taken to another (hopefully available) level? This should be done by you, not the Engine, I believe. Very game-specific.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it, but I can not do it!

You mean you just posted a question before about it? (and got the same answer as today btw)