Maximum Number of Players (3D environment)

Hello everyone,

To not waste any of your time, I’m going to go to the point.
I have a project, and I need to know this:
In a 3D environment, in a game that would try to look good, as in Mass Effect 3 good (approximately),
what would be the maximum number of players a server could take?
What would be the maximum capacity of a top notch server running a UE4 game?
What, in that situation, would be the maximum thinkable size of the level?

Perfect case scenario would be at least 100,000. Just so you get an idea of how massive the thing is.
Thank you for your time and help.

I’m hoping it is more than udk3

There is not fixed upper limit to the number of players the server can handle. That is all going to depend on how you script / code your game. How much information you are sending back and forth on players, how much you are tracking, ect.

As far as the world size goes ~500k units. (1uu = 1cm, so 500,000cm = 5000m = 5km)Its the point where your going to start running into physics simulation issues.

Also tileing your terrain will not work in a multiplayer game unless you implement your own server solution. Something to keep in mind. So you can really work around that 500k limit without doing some server reworking.

Is your world bigger them 500k you can use Levelstreaming.