Maximum number of draw calls per frame on Modern PC Games 2017

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if someone could tell me what would be the preferable number of draw calls per frame for modern PC games?
We are working on a project, and on a particular place, our draw calls number (in Unreal) was raised to around 100. Is it too much for a modern PC game of 2017?
Your opinion would be much appreciated! Thanks!

I believe Epics Bullet Train demo varied between 750-1200 draw calls. And that’s a VR title where performance is a huge concern, you probably could get by with more.

Alpha blending and fill-rate will cause you much more issues than drawcalls.
It’s important to keep them low, but modern pcs can handle thousands of drawcalls per frame.

Please also keep in mind that not just every mesh does a drawcall but every material does. You can save drawcalls by using layered materials!