Maximum Landscape Layers Per Component


It would be wonderful to be able to use more ( I suggest at least eight ) landscape layers in the landscape material of one landscape component like described in this thread:

This would be useful to support

  • more physics materials
  • more realism
  • not only a diffuse texture: also a specular, normal and heightmap
  • to plant foliage automatically
  • more effects like snow, lava…

When I use a diffuse texture, specular, normal and heightmap I can currently only use three layers in one component. That’s by far not enough! :o



You can have 128 textures if you just use “shared: wrap” texture samples.

Thank you very much! This works just perfectly! :smiley:

So… this thread can be closed.

Be aware that there is a limit where you can have only up to 4 different textures intersecting each other at one spot. For example if you have 5 layers having contact with each other that component will go grey.
Some times you can put 4 diffuses in an RGBA and then multiply each channel with different colors to save on texture samplers too.