Maximum Foundation Support 2DBuild Distance


am i right with my “Maximum Foundation Support 2DBuild Distance” theory?

for example on the Vanilla Metal Wall it is 650.
so it can be built 650 units away from a connected foundation.

NOW: is it possible to override this from the view of a modded foundation?
for example, my foundation is bigger than 650 units. so i can not place walls on the outer edge of the foundation.
i really don’t want to change all the walls and stuff, but instead just override this on the foundation.

as it basically is the foundations influence radius…
i think it’s strange that this is only defined on the wall, but not on the foundation… or is it?

You can use the new Override Snapped To Transform function. First you need to check “BPOverride Snapped To Transform”, then override the function. This allows you to get a reference to structure that is going to be placed and you could change its Distance check like:

The problem with that though is that when you try to attach something to that, you won’t be able to dynamically adjust its distance check(ie you snap a wall to your foundation but when you try to snap a ceiling to that wall you will get the no support error).

A way around this is to set the thing you are attaching to be a foundation, like:

This works well but you will also need to add a loop to the begin play event that goes through all the structures linked to your foundation and sets them back to be foundations or after a restart you won’t be able to snap ceilings to those walls anymore.

This isn’t a perfect solution though as if they snap a ceiling to your foundation, it is now considered a foundation as well thus allowing them to build 3 ceilings out instead of the normal 2 but its a fairly minor drawback.

thank you Orionsun
this opens up a whole new world.
i also tried to override snap rotate. green snapping works very well, but placement is still wrong.

also: how do i get that function to loop in the event graph?

i now use this:
snapping and placement is fine.
still not shure how to loop this function in the graph.

Sorry to bring up a necro thread, I was trying to do this today and possibly due to updates I can’t get the set is foundation to show up to check it, any help with that?