Maximizing quality on absolute latest devices.

Howdy all,

I’m mostly interested in product visualization on mobile vs architecture and that seems to throw a wrench in my research. The archviz side of things seems dependent on a lot of baked lighting solutions to create stunning experiences. This is a little tougher on the product viz side, especially trying to target mobile. Can anyone point me to some information on absolutely maximizing rendering quality on moveable products in UE4??

For mobile you’re going to be more limited in what is capable in real-time. Baked lighting allows you to get great lighting on mobile but if you have to use movable objects that need dynamic lighting then the quality is going to be worse than what you can get on a PC.

Are your objects dynamic because they move or do you change lighting in the “game?”

If your objects move, maybe you can try baking to volumetric lightmaps. They’re going to be costly in memory, and you’ll likely need quite a bit to get something remotely comparable to 2d lightmaps, but at least your scene will have pre-baked GI/occlusion that the dynamic objects can sample.

If you change lighting, maybe you can try the Lighting Scenarios for baked lightmaps for each scenario(windows open/closed, day/night, etc)

Otherwise, if you’re completely unable to bake anything, I think you’re a bit out of luck when it comes to mobile. Even dynamic lighting on PC doesn’t compare to the same baked scenario, even with all distance field options, LPVs, etc. You might be limited to a single dynamic Sky Light for ambient lighting. Or maybe you can try Chosker’s localized IBL. I’ve yet to try it and don’t know if it’s supported for mobile, but might be worth a look.

Thanks for the input fellas! I’ll definitely be working with movable ( even deformable ) geo. I was definitely under the impression the lighting was gonna take a massive hit. I’m looking for options in all aspects to up quality though. I figure reflection and anti-aliasing options are on the table for pushing beyond device profile defaults? Hoping to squeeze in quality where ever possible. I know this is a broad and ambiguous request. Mostly looking for anyone with similar experience I suppose, specifically with product vis. Light box kind of environments.