Maximized Editor crashes with D3D error

Interacting with the Editor UI while it is maximized causes UI stutter on desktop and crashes on laptop.

Versions: 2.24 and 2.25 only.

It’s not a power settings issue, everything is set to use the 1060 on my laptop though I think the editor is trying to interact with the integrated GPU while maximized for some reason.

Restore down the editor and just scale up to fit the screen.
Simply open OBS (don’t have to record, just open it). OBS is one of the only things on my computer set to use the integrated intel GPU, don’t know why that fixes my editor problem.

Hope this helps, would like to work in a maximized editor for my game.


I’m currently facing the exact same issue. I use a MSI laptop, don’t know if it’s the same for you, i verify all behavior and compare with an other clear computer and everything seem to act correctly ( Usage of both Integrated and Full GPU etc… )

Did you find any permanent solution beside the two listed up there ? Would be a amazing if you know a workarround for that and why it’s hapenning !