Maximize Unreal Engine 4 window

Hello every one,

Is there a way I can auto maximize a packaged game window.

Basically the game through a cloud rendering service. And I am facing a bit of problems when the packaged game is in full-screen mode or windowed full-screen mode. It works well when the game is windowed mode but I don’t want the user to always click on the maximize icon.

So is there any way to automatically maximize the game?


Alt-Tab combo works for me, But it still renders in the same resolution.


I am posting a few screenshots of the problem

This is Minimized

I want it to auto maximize to like this

And yeah, the game opens inside a browser.

There may be an option to remove the window border and or caption.
I don’t know if UE4 exposes such an option, But that is what you would do for a desktop app to emulate a fullscreen window that is not fullscreen.


You can try adding a command-line argument to run the game in fullscreen mode. You can do this from blueprints or just pass a parameter to the executable.

Look for FULLSCREEN parameter.

Bump since I have the same question.
As far as I can tell, the best solution is to just start windowed and let the user maximize if they want to.

Once the user maximizes it, it will stay maximized for subsequent gameplay sessions, since their setting is saved in GameUserSettings.ini