Max Walk Speed Variable Hidden for Blueprint 3rd Person Controller

Hey Folks

I am trying to implement a sprint function. I have looked everywhere and it seems extremely straight forward. I have got the character controller placed into the blueprint and have drawn the tick out but when I search for set max walk speed I can’t for the life of me find it.

It’s as if the variable is hidden! Made a new project and still no dice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I don’t have Unreal in front of me right now but I believe what you need to do is get the characters movement first.
So from the character controller node you should be able to pull out a character movement node then you’ll be able to find the get/set max walk speed function.

create a float and set it yourself check out some of the sprinting examples i have posted around

W1930U7 is correct, here’s what that node setup would look like: